Monday, July 28, 2014

We Still All Scream for Ice Cream! | Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

This month we all scream for ice cream! With the scorching summer heat upon us, it would seem to be an opportune time to enjoy this delicious frozen treat. But how do you enjoy this tasty snack without racking up the calories?
Here are some tips on how to enjoy your ice cream this month while still staying healthy! 

1) Say no to cones. 
An ice cream cone tends to be high in sugar and fattening so try and stick to eating ice cream from a bowl to avoid the additional calories. 

2) Make your own ice cream. 
By making your own ice cream you get to choose what to put in it! You can use healthier sugar substitutes, low fat milk, or even organic fruits for flavoring. 

3) Try some frozen yogurt. 
Fro yo as it is colloquially called, generally tends to be much healthier than ice cream.  The best option for frozen yogurt is one that contains live and active cultures (probiotics). How do you know if your yogurt has probiotics or not? Keep a look out for frozen yogurts with a ‘Live and Active Cultures’ seal from the National Yogurt Association (NYA). No seal means no probiotics. 

4) Give Sorbet a try!
Sorbet also tends to be a healthier ice cream option consisting of fruit and sugar. Sorbet is delicious! 

Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center wishes you all a healthy and enjoyable summer filled with tasty cool treats!